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Hi family and friends,

I know this is probably a ‘shocker’ but yes, it is me and this is real.
I was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer last November 2018 and currently having on going treatment every 3 weeks. The hard part is over as they’ve stopped chemo drugs that makes me feel yucky and I am now undergoing maintenance treatment known as Herceptin. Good news is chemo did what it was supposed to and shrunk the tumor and so I am not needing radiation or operation…Praise God!
I am thankful to be alive today and for Breast Cancer Foundation NZ for all the support they offer us women who are diagnosed with this chronic issue. I will forever be eternally thankful to God for the gift of life and the strength to continue to fight to be here for my family especially my children.
I’m bouncing back to reality now and my children are loving it and so am I.
I am doing this walk with my amazing 6-year old daughter, Tehillah who has just been so supportive of her mummy and has matured so much for a young girl in helping clean and manage her younger siblings when mummy was too tired to do anything. Joining me on this walk also are my amazing friends, one of them a Breast Cancer Survivor and our group is called "Walk By Faith, Not By Sight" (2 Corinthians 5:7)

I'm taking part in this year's Pink Star Walk but I need your help to make a difference. Will you sponsor me? For example, $40 could fund an hour with an experienced breast nurse to support breast cancer patients in their time of need.
If I reach my target of $250, Breast Cancer Foundation NZ will be able to fund two counselling sessions for a woman recovering from or living with breast cancer, or laboratory equipment needed for vital research to improve breast cancer patient survivorship. Of course you don't have to sponsor $40 - any amount will be hugely appreciated and gratefully received.

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