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This year I am taking part in the Annual Pink Star Walk but I need your help to make a difference. As you all know this cause is one very close to my heart, and what the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ do is extremely important for those recovering and living with breast cancer. Your donation will help those that are affected by breast cancer. The foundation has help support my family personally and have been able to provide guidance through these hard times.

If I reach my target of $250, Breast Cancer Foundation NZ will be able to fund two counselling sessions for a woman recovering from or living with breast cancer, or laboratory equipment needed for vital research to improve breast cancer patient survivorship. The support the Breast Cancer Foundation provide is critical to the recovery of those suffering with Breast Cancer .

I thank you very much for all the support that you have given my family and I through these tough times and thank you for donating to such a worthy cause.

- Heetasha

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