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Thank you for visiting my fundraising page. I’m taking part in this year’s Pink Star Walk but I need your help to make a difference.
Recently I have supported my beautiful sister with her “ wee glitch “as she calls it. It was in fact quite a biggy ... a year on from her surgery and extensive treatments she is finally considered cured. Her GP then informed her that had she not decided to take what was offered she probably would not have made the year . She is an inspiration as she tackled it with an extraordinary attitude & with the support and expertise of a fantastic medical team she’s now doing really well. A way she has found of giving back is as a volunteer in a drug trial , that will ultimately reduce cancer recurrence and help other women in the future .
This walk is also to support my beautiful friend and team mate Lizl she is also an inspiration , please take time to read her story .
To all my other friends and work colegues that have had their journey with breast cancer I will be thinking of you as well .
Im raising money for more breast cancer research and support .
Will you help me to help others. All proceeds raised go to breast cancer support and research .

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