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My family and I are taking part in The Pink Star Walk to raise money for the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ. This is personal for us - it's been a big year.

In December last year (after two amazing adventure filled months in the tropics) I came home and was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a very large tumour (of the aggressive kind that doesn't like staying in one place) and for the last 9 months I have been walking the path of chemotherapy, a complete mastectomy and ongoing IV treatment every three weeks. I swear I have had every damn side effect possible and often wondered how I could keep going. But I have, with the amazing support of family, friends, medical teams and support like that from the Breast Cancer Foundation. Knowing that there was always a Breast Care nurse on the end of a phone who would listen to me cry and rant and give practical advice and help has meant a lot along the way.

Nine people a day are diagnosed with breast cancer in New Zealand (this effects men too!) I was one of those nine. The money raised from our walk will be used to fund vital research projects, promote early detection and support New Zealanders recovering from and living with breast cancer in New Zealand. And also support those awesome nurses on the end of the phone so that they can listen to people like me rant and rail at the universe.

This walk is also a chance for us to get together, celebrate and acknowledge how far we have come together. Heck just walking 10km will be a success! I will be walking with my daughters, my mum, my sister and whoever else in the family we can drag in!

We cannot do this alone but with your help we can make a difference.

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