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I couldn't take part in last year's Pink Star Walk because I was sick with this stupid disease. So I appreciate those who walked for me last year.

Oncology teams hit breast cancer patients really hard with everything they have to stop it metastasizing. (This is different protocol to many other cancers). Currently, it's not possible to cure metastatic breast cancer but only manage it for a limited time. For me, this makes this disease even scarier. Being cancer-free is great, but hard-hitting drugs to get to this point (even though I had it relatively easy compared to many) and at least 5 years of anti-cancer medication have caused long term side effects both mentally and physically which I find difficult to deal with.

I'm extremely grateful for the amazing support (oncology nurses are truly impressive), facilities and numerous resources that were available to me because it was certainly needed (some still are). I personally walk for further improvement in treatment especially in regards to side effects.

So will you sponsor me? If you do, would you please consider leaving your name rather than being anonymous? It means a lot to me to know who has helped (even just a little).

To give you an idea of costs, $40 could fund an hour with an experienced breast nurse, $250 can fund two counselling sessions for a woman recovering from or living with breast cancer, or laboratory equipment needed for vital research to improve breast cancer patient survivorship.

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