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Jessica Buddendijk

$2,140.00 raised

$ target

I am: an Auckland walker!

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page.
Well today was the day that the haircut took place. It was an exciting day as we ended up with 4 people having their hair cut!

Yes I did it again! Cut my hair and raised over $2000 thank you to all the generous donations.

I am so pleased you supported me in this and help raise that amount as it will do so much good for all the people affected by breast cancer. I am sure you do not have to look far to find somebody affected in that way. My partner luckily survived breast cancer twice and I am very grateful for that. Cutting my hair is a small thing compared what people with breast cancer have to go through! So please be generous and help to find a cure! See below some fact and statistics. I am thanking you in advance for even taking out the time to read this.

Eight women a day are diagnosed with breast cancer in New Zealand. The money raised from my walk will be used to fund vital research projects and support women recovering from and living with breast cancer in New Zealand.
Thank you so much for making a difference

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Well done Jessica.



Carol Butler

Go for it girl




Thank you for walking the walk




Good on you. Really uplifting

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